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Quality Certification
Quality is achieved by design and clear understanding of specifications:

AMS engineering team will analyze the customer’s design and provide DFM feedback. AMS designed products will include customer review and approval before proceeding to manufacturing. Our team is fully experienced in DFMEA/PFMEA tools and appreciates how these tools accompanied by robust specifications will produce quality products by design not by chance.


AMS manufacturing operations are ISO/TS16949 certified and perform 100% final inspection of products. We have over 30 years of experience in supplier management and will only use qualified suppliers and manufacturing partners.

Test & Inspection Equipments
Our quality control system is strictly stick to the uniform high standard for production technology. our products are tested strictly in single production phase.The special quality inspect system take the utmost care to guarantee the best quality not only in material control but also the in each production process.Before all tested products packaged,we will remeasure and check the products again to ensure the best quality of our products.

 Optical Comparator

 Tensile Tester

 3D-CMM (coordinate measuring machine)

 Gap Sample Machine

 Instrumentation for Measuring Film Thickness

 High/Low Temperature Tester


 Impact Tester

 Rockwell hardness tester

 Heat Deformation Tester